I'm Alice Caldarella. I was born in 1989.

I am an illustrator based in Catania, where I live and work with my beloved cat Matilde. 

I studied illustration at the School Officina B5, in Rome.


I cultivate my personal, lifelong education by following workshops; I also pursue continuous, personal research on the imagery and on the meanings conveyed by the pictures.


I am a fond collector of illustrated books, and I hope I can start publishing my stories too, one day.

I work in both the digital and traditional techniques. Among all, my technique of choice are the crayons: every time I hold a pencil in my hands I feel the child in me resurface.

Pensieri sott'acqua  is a long-term project which develops into home-made products and a whole range of creations. My illustrations can be used in various branches such as publishing, stationery and giftware, bijouterie, advertising and packaging.


I’m always available for information, collaborations and commissions.





Tresei Scuola

Splen Edizioni
Rizzoli Education
Theoria Edizioni
Battello a Vapore

I'm represented by The Bright Agency (excluding Italy)


© 2020 Alice Caldarella illustrator. All rights reserved. 

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